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Bedford DWI Attorney

Arrested for DWI in Bedford, NY?

If you were recently arrested for DWI in Bedford, you are urged to contact The Law Offices of Robert Schuster for aggressive representation. Attorney Robert Schuster is a former prosecutor who has handled thousands of criminal cases over the course of his career. His extensive experience working on both sides of the criminal process in the Bedford court has established him as one of the most knowledgeable, persuasive, and skilled criminal lawyers in New York.

Bedford Criminal Defense Attorney

At The Law Offices of Robert Schuster you will work with the leading regional criminal and DWI/DUI defense attorney and his team who provide you with unmatched strength in strategic analysis along with decades of experience obtaining personalized and highly successful client outcomes. At the boutique criminal law practice he founded, Attorney Robert Schuster has achieved an unparalleled reputation for detailed and effective representation. This is a firm that specializes in exclusively handling felony and misdemeanor criminal defense and DWI cases in Westchester County, New York City, and in all surrounding counties. Throughout his career, Attorney Robert Schuster has personally tried dozens of cases to verdict, enjoying a success rate of over 95%, earning him highly-regarded industry awards such as The National Trial Lawyers: Top 100 Criminal Defense Trial Lawyers as well as recognition as one of the Top 100 Criminal Defense Lawyers in America by Rue Ratings and in founding one of the 10 Best Criminal Law Firms by The American Institute of Criminal Law Attorneys in 2017. Judges and prosecutors alike recognize Attorney Robert Schuster’s professionalism, tenacity, and dedication to his clients. He has never failed to garner a dismissal or a lesser included offense in a DWI trial and has never allowed a client to go to be sentenced to Jail or Prison when the sole top count was a DWI felony or misdemeanor. As a result, he has also been recognized as one of the Top 10 Lawyers for DWI in the State of New York by both The American Jurist Institute and The American Institute of DWI Attorneys. Importantly, clients of the firm enjoy direct communication with Attorney Robert Schuster, who, unlike most, limits his practice so he can personally handle every Court appearance in over 99% of his cases—when you hire The Law Offices of Robert Schuster, you get Attorney Robert Schuster.

Attorney Robert Schuster received special training in negotiations from experts at Harvard, further enabling him to sharpen his ability to negotiate highly favorable plea bargains when his clients have the odds stacked against them. If you are facing criminal charges for a first, second or subsequent DWI offense, Attorney Schuster is the one to trust.

Attorney Robert Schuster’s path towards the top of the New York Criminal Defense bar began with his undergraduate education as both pre-med and pre-law student at John Hopkins University, where he graduated with the highest academic honor the University bestows. He then obtained his Juris Doctor from Georgetown University Law Center at which time he also interned at the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Washington DC. After his immediate admission to the New York bar in 1995, he served as an Assistant District Attorney where he was placed in charge of more than eight municipal and local courts. He was also responsible for appeals on numerous murder cases, presenting cases to grand jury and for trying dozens of criminal and quasi-criminal cases to verdict. This breadth and intensity of experience earned him advanced prosecutorial insight that he leveraged and developed into powerful, in-depth defense strategies for thousands of clients in the years to come. After entering private practice in 1997 and founding his criminal defense law firm in 1998, Attorney Robert Schuster has been honing his skills and experience, handling thousands of cases to their successful conclusion before State and Federal Courts throughout the Westchester County and New York Region. His high-profile cases have included full dismissals of charges against celebrity clients as well as for private attorneys, physicians and executives. Although those cases have been covered by ABC News, NBC News, People Magazine, the Herald Tribune, New York Newsday, Fox News, The Wall Street Journal, the New York Post, and dozens of other media outlets, the vast majority of Attorney Robert Schuster’s caseload involves DWI/DUI and Criminal Defense for hard-working men and women who find themselves on the wrong end of a poor choice or simply unjustly accused.

Why Hire The Law Offices of Robert Schuster for Your Case in Bedford

  • Attorney Robert Schuster personally attends each court appearance with his client
  • 1994 Graduate of the Georgetown University Law Center
  • Named Top 10 DWI Lawyer in New York by the American Institute of DWI Attorneys
  • 10 Best Attorneys, American Institute of Criminal Law Attorneys, 2019
  • 10 Best in Client Satisfaction, American Institute of Criminal Law Attorneys, 2017
  • 10 Best Law Firms, American Institute of Criminal Law Attorneys, 2017
  • Nation's Top One Percent, National Association of Distinguished Counsel
  • “10 Best” American Institute of DUI/DWI Attorneys
  • "Superior DUI Attorney" The National Advocacy for DUI Defense, LLC (NAFDD), 2014
  • 10.0 "Superb" Rating from Avvo
  • Avvo Clients' Choice Awards from 2014-2018 for Criminal Defense
  • 5-Star Client Review Rating on Google+
  • Named Top 10 DWI Attorney by the American Jurist Institute
  • A+ Rating from the Better Business Bureau
  • Highly Accomplished Former Prosecutor
  • 95% Success Rate at Trial
  • The Firm Has Never Lost a DWI Trial
  • The National Trial Lawyers: Top 100 Criminal Defense Trial Lawyers
  • Named as one of the Top 100 DWI attorneys in New York State by the NAFDD
  • Recognized as Premier 100 Trial Attorney by the American Academy of Trial Attorneys 2014 – 2016
  • Named Top 100 Criminal Defense Lawyer by American Society of Legal Advocates (ASLA)
  • Top 100 Best Attorneys of America by Rue Ratings
  • Thousands of Cases Resolved. Unmatched Results.

What are the penalties for DWI in Bedford?

It is against the law in Bedford to drive with a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of .08% or greater, but you can also be charged with Driving While Ability Impaired by a single drug other than alcohol (DWAI/Drug) if you are caught driving under the influence of an illegal street drug or even a lawfully prescribed prescription medication.

The penalties for DWI in New York are:

First DWI Offense or DWAI-Drug – $500 - $1,000 in fines, 1 year jail term, and license revocation for at least six months for DWI. License suspension for at least six months for DWAI-Drug.

Second DWI or DWAI-Drug violation within 10 years – E felony, punishable by $1,000 - $5,000 in fines, maximum jail term of 4 years, and license revocation for at least one year.

Third DWI or DWAI-Drug violation within 10 years – D felony, punishable by $2,000 - $10,000 in fines, maximum jail term of 7 years, and license revocation for at least one year.

A person is guilty of an Aggravated DWI when their BAC is .18% or higher. The penalties for an Aggravated DWI are $1,000 to $2,500 in fines, a maximum 1 year jail term, and a license revocation for at least one year. Additionally, surcharges are added to alcohol-related offenses with $260 being added to misdemeanors and $400 being charged for felonies; however, the exact amounts vary slightly depending upon the court of conviction.

Bedford DWI Lawyer

From his Westchester Office, Attorney Robert Schuster provides clients with a thorough and precise defense. The total defense package clients receive from Attorney Schuster involves leaving no stone unturned during investigation and discovery, utilizing his creative vision to see every permutation and possible defense in your case to predict risks and potential outcomes, and leveraging his experience and intellect to generate a personally tailored strategic plan to procure the very best possible result for you.

Bedford, NY Justice Court

Where is the Town Court in Bedford, NY?

The Justice Court in Bedford is located at 321 N Bedford Rd, Bedford Hills, NY 10507:


The Bedford Town Court is in the northwestern part of Westchester County in New York. It is known for handling numerous traffic ticket cases, especially violations for speeding on Interstate 684.

Judges: Erik P. Jacobsen and David A. Menken.

Clerks: Nancy Artese & Diane Georgio

Phone: 914-666-6965

Email: Court@BedfordNY.info

When is the Bedford criminal court in session?

The Bedford Town Court holds trials and conferences for vehicle and traffic cases on every other Wednesday, with the schedule set by the court. Criminal hearings are held on Mondays at 9:00 AM, as are criminal jury trials, while criminal court is held every week on Thursdays at 7:00 PM.

Security Information for the Bedford Town Court

Note that visitors to the Bedford Town Court must pass through security screening including a magnetic metal detector. Weapons of any kind will not be allowed into the court, nor will certain other items as determined by the judges at their discretion. There is no voucher system to check your prohibited items, so it’s better to play it safe and leave anything questionable at home.

Payment of Fines and License Suspensions at the Bedford Town Court

Fines levied for traffic violations at the Bedford Town Court are determined by statutory minimums and by the discretion of the presiding judge, rather than by a schedule of set fines. Fines due for a plea of guilty or a conviction are due to be paid on the date of the trial or plea, with non-payment or late payment punishable by a suspension of the driver’s license. Note that if you are appearing at the Bedford Court following an arrest for DWI, you should plan to have a friend or family member present to drive you home, as your license may be suspended at the hearing.

Need a criminal attorney for an appaerance at Bedford Town Court?

If you are facing a DWI, sex crime or other criminal charges in Bedford, it's extremely important to find an excellent criminal defense attorney, and one who you can trust. Attorney Robert Schuster has an incredible 95% success rate for cases he has taken to trial. He began his career interning for the U.S. Attorney's Office in Washington, DC, after receiving his Juris Doctor from Georgetown University in 1994. As a former prosecutor, he is well-versed in all areas of the law, not just criminal defense. He can put his years of experience to use for your case.

Experienced Criminal Lawyer for Misdemeanor and Felony Defense

Whether you are facing domestic violence charges, DWI charges, or drug offense charges, Attorney Robert Schuster can help you. He believes nothing comes before his clients' rights. If you have never dealt with criminal charges, you may not be aware that defendants have many rights. You do not have to speak to law enforcement without your lawyer present. If you were arrested, the officer placing you under arrest should have advised you of this law when by reading you your Miranda rights. If you were not read your Miranda rights and you spoke to law enforcement, the prosecutor may not be able to use anything you said against you in court.

If you speak with law enforcement without the guidance of an attorney, you may accidentally incriminate yourself. Your words could be misconstrued by law enforcement. Speaking to the police without an attorney present could put you at great risk. However, if you already spoke with law enforcement, you still need to hire a criminal defense attorney. Just because you spoke to the police does not mean you will definitely be convicted of your charges, but you need to hire a proactive lawyer to help you immediately. At The Law Offices of Robert Schuster, your attorney's priority will be ensuring that your rights are protected. Attorney Robert Schuster will make sure that your legal proceedings are fair and that you have every opportunity to defend against the charges you face, whether a misdemeanor or serious felony offense. Contact him for help today.

DWI Attorney in Bedford

Whether you have been arrested and charged unjustly or caught up in the consequences of a serious mistake, a conviction for a criminal or DWI offense can bring wide-ranging and long-lasting consequences. Westchester County Criminal and DWI Defense Attorney Robert Schuster and his team of paralegals and lawyers understand that avoiding jail time, driver’s license revocation and collateral employment consequences are crucial to each client he chooses to represent. Attorney Schuster understands that despite full preparation, each courtroom appearance can yield unpredictable actions from a prosecutor or Judge. Being present at those times for a client is crucial in a criminal defense and DWI cases. Attorney Schuster makes it part of his professional creed to ensure that each stage of the process is maximized for his client. So, unlike many in the field, Criminal Defense Attorney Robert Schuster does not pawn your case off on associate lawyers for crucial court appearances. Attorney Schuster deliberately limits his practice so he can be present every time you go before a judge. Together with his support and guidance, you can confidently challenge any criminal charge filed against you with the peace of mind that you are getting the attention, analysis, and ultimately the results you require and deserve.

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Arrested for DWI? Contact a Bedford DWI lawyer today.

The Bedford Justice Court imposes harsh penalties upon those convicted of DWI. Not only do you face license suspension or revocation and incarceration, but a conviction would mean skyrocketing insurance premiums and a permanent criminal record, which will have a negative impact on your ability to find employment.

Call 914-241-0004 at any time to retain the best rated and top reviewed criminal defense and DWI lawyer for your case. Attorney Robert Schuster accepts calls 24/7 for client emergencies. Initial telephone consultations are free of charge.‚Äč

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