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If you've been arrested for domestic violence in White Plains or anywhere else in Westchester County, you need legal protection as soon as possible. Not only may your case be handled by a special prosecution unit, but you will almost certainly face an order of protection that will prohibit you from communicating with - or even being within a certain distance of - the alleged victim. This could have a lasting impact on your family relationships.

Get Defense From An Attorney with a 95% Success Rate!

When your future and reputation are on the line, it is important that you entrust your case to a highly skilled White Plains criminal defense attorney. Westchester County Criminal Defense Lawyer Robert Schuster is a former prosecutor who has handled thousands of criminal cases. Of the trials he has litigated, he has a 95% success rate. With his knowledge and understanding of both sides of the New York criminal process at your side, you will have the opportunity to receive the effective legal counsel you need.

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What is a domestic violence charge in New York?

Domestic violence charges can cover a great number of crimes that occur between family members or people in a close relationship, such as:

  • assault
  • menacing and threats
  • harassment & aggravated harassment
  • sexual abuse or rape
  • unlawful imprisonment
  • endangering the welfare of a child
  • any crime of violence

Special Prosecution Division for Domestic Violence

Due to changes in the law as well as the organization of departments within the different New York District Attorney's Offices, domestic violence crimes have become increasingly complex to defend. In 1996, the first domestic violence court was opened in Brooklyn and have expanded to Manhattan, Westchester, Bronx, Suffolk, Nassau, and several other counties in New York. Since opening, these courts have handled over 100,000 felony domestic violence cases.

Supervision by a special prosecutions division usually results in protracted proceedings over a period of weeks or months. This holds true even in misdemeanor domestic violence crimes and in domestic violence crimes that are never tried to verdict. Because these cases receive special attention, it is vital that your attorney diligently and steadily keep up with new information and changes in circumstances that come to pass and leverage them to your best advantage.

Domestic Violence Court vs. Integrated Domestic Violence Court

In 2001, Integrated Domestic Violence Courts were opened to handle domestic violence cases that had related family issues like child custody, visitation, matrimonial actions, and civil protection orders. These were purposed to help alleged domestic violence victims by centralizing the process, eliminating any orders that would contradict one another from different jurisdictions, and speedily address any critical family issues. There is currently an integrated domestic violence court operating in Westchester County and many other counties across New York.

Were you falsely accused of domestic violence?

Unfortunately, domestic violence charges often arise from situations where the alleged victim makes false accusations or exaggerates the circumstances of an argument. This may be done out of anger or jealousy, or in an attempt to win child custody in a divorce. Regardless of the reason, false allegations of domestic violence can have extremely serious repercussions.

Even in the face of entirely false or outrageous accusations, it is crucial to involve an attorney as soon as possible. A conviction in the absence of effective legal counsel for these charges may be entirely avoidable.

How To Choose The Best Domestic Violence Defense Attorney

When choosing a Westchester County domestic violence lawyer, it is essential that you select an attorney which whom you can effectively communicate with. Attorney Robert Schuster is a lawyer who listens carefully to his clients and uses all information available to him to generate the smoothest path towards beneficial results.

For example, during the pendency of a domestic violence prosecution there will likely be one or more Orders of Protection in place. Should these Orders be violated, criminal contempt charges will result. In order to avoid both stifling family conditions or any exacerbation of existing charges, Attorney Robert Schuster uses his skills and experience to effectively negotiate the terms and conditions of these protective Orders and their provisions to best serve the interests of his clients as he works to bring your criminal matter to an end.

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