All Charges Dismissed in Sarah Snyder Larceny Case

Attorney Robert Schuster has successfully secured a dismissal of felony grand larceny charges brought against a 19-year-old model and Instagram star Sarah Snyder. Snyder, widely known for her relationship with actor and musician Jaden Smith, was accused of stealing a $15,995 Hermes handbag from a boutique store in Katonah, New York on June 15th, 2015. Snyder turned to The Law Offices of Robert Schuster for legal counsel, and after eight months and four court appearances, the charges were finally dropped during a hearing in Bedford, New York on Wednesday, February 10th.

According to Attorney Schuster, “her alibi was that she was in Florida at the time of the larceny. We had to overcome four eyewitnesses that swore they saw Snyder in the store at the time of the theft.” Evidence showed that Snyder was visiting her father in Florida at the time of the alleged incident, confirmed by a stamped plane ticket, an affidavit from her father, credit card statements, and photographs of her at her dad’s home on the day of the theft. Because the photos lacked certain GPS metadata, an extensive investigation was required to overcome the presumption of the eyewitness testimony.

This landmark case dismissal further cements our firm’s place as trusted legal professionals within the New York legal community. Head over to ET Online or People for more information on this great victory.

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