Robert Schuster Defends Celebrity Client in the Media

When Sarah Snyder – known for her modeling and for her relationship with actor and musician Jaden Smith – was arrested for allegedly stealing a handbag valued at around $16,000, she came right to Attorney Robert Schuster of The Law Offices of Robert Schuster in New York for legal counsel and defense. The incident has since generated a considerable amount of buzz. To get the complete story, People, The Daily Mail, Page Six, and Entertainment Tonight – popular online news sources for all stories celebrity-related – requested interviews with Mr. Schuster, which he granted.

Using the statements and information they learned during the interview, Hollywood Life recently published a full article on the case, which can be seen here. They also published an article that seemed to speculate whether or not Ms. Snyder posting an image of her own mugshot printed on a shirt caused a further media stir. ET Online’s take on the story and alleged act of irony can be seen here. Robert was quick to defend his client’s right to privacy and the presumption of innocence and indicated that they are preparing for trial.

Here is what Robert Schuster had to say about the case:

"Despite months of reckless speculation to the contrary, my client, Ms. Sarah Snyder is erroneously charged in this matter. It is asserted that Ms. Snyder was not even in the State of New York at the time this incident allegedly occurred. Ms. Snyder is incredulous that she was charged and my office will fight to the very end to protect her innocence.

"This is not the first time The Law Offices of Robert Schuster has represented a client affiliated with a celebrity whose charges were ultimately dismissed. I caution all who have been so interested in prejudging this case to remember that my client is clothed with a veil of innocence unless proven otherwise. That is the very basis of our system of justice. We request all to afford my client the privacy and respect she deserves, and refrain from assumptive speculation during this process. We are confident that the truth will come to light and that Ms. Snyder will be exonerated."

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