Updates to NYS Cyber Crime Laws

According to the NYS White Collar Crime Task Force, there have been some updates to the New York State's white collar crime laws. A cybercrime is any crime in which a computer, smartphone or the internet is found to have been used to commit or conceal a crime. This new proposal expands the definition of “computer material” in an effort to aid in the prosecution of those who access another’s private emails without their authorization or hack webcams for sexual gratification or to hack into webcams to spy, and for those who access school databases to obtain children’s disciplinary records.

The proposal also upgrades the computer tampering law where anyone who was found to have had possessed a skimmer device, may face a penalty that puts the crime on par with grand larceny based on whatever harm was caused.

Over 37% of felony complaints in 2012 involved a cybercrime or the crime of identity theft. The number of those kinds of complaints were in the thousands, according to the NY County District Attorney’s Office. So, in an effort to tighten laws regarding identity theft, the proposal makes the crime of identity theft a premeditated crime. The amount of money stolen and/or the number of those victimized would be taken into account as well.