Legislation Signed Strengthens Leandra's Law

Legislation signed by Governor Cuomo on Tuesday is strengthening Leandra's Law which will include a stronger regulation regarding mandatory installation ignition interlock on vehicles that those convicted of DWI either have access to or own.

  1. The new strengthening in the regulations will prevent those convicted of DWI avoiding the installation of an ignition interlock by claiming they no longer own a vehicle or have access to a vehicle. In addition, the court can waive the requirement only if that person attests (under oath) that he/she does not own a vehicle or will not operate a vehicle under the period they have their driving privileges restricted.
  1. The new law makes it a felony to drive drunk on a conditional license.
  1. Those convicted of DWI who are not required to have an ignition interlock device must wear an alcohol-detection ankle bracelet and those drivers would not have their drivers licensing privileges restored unless they prove that they complied with one or the other.
  1. The minimum period has increased from six months to one year. That period will be reduced to six months only after the person submits proof that he or she installed and maintained the ignition interlock device for at least a six month period.
  1. The legislation will make clearer that portion of Leandra's Law concerning youthful offenders (under the age of 18). Youthful offenders are now subject to the same ignition interlock requirements as older drivers.