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Yorktown Justice Court

Have you been arrested and charged with a criminal offense in Yorktown, New York? It is important that you have skilled Yorktown representation on your side that can help evaluate the charges against you and work with you to pursue the results that you need in or out of court. The Law Offices of Robert Schuster is a firm that has been dedicated to representing the residents of Yorktown, New York and the surrounding areas for a number of years, and you can be sure that you will receive the representation that you need if you choose to work with them.

Mr. Schuster has successfully handled hundreds of criminal cases in the Yorktown Justice Court. He has tried cases before both seated Judges and never failed to garner a top count Not Guilty verdict. The court staff, local bar and the Bench in Yorktown is outstanding. The Yorktown Justice Court has produced many top high level Jurists, some of whom have been elevated to the Appellate Division. Mr. Schuster considers Yorktown one of his many 'home' courts in Westchester County and truly enjoys the practice of law in that jurisdiction. He has been a member of the Yorktown Bar Association and frequently participates in their annual functions.

Criminal Defense Representation for Yorktown Town Court

Yorktown, New York is a city in eastern New York that spans more than 36.7 miles and has a total population of 37,955 as of 2009. This equals a relatively low-density population of 1,034 residents per square mile on average. As with most lightly populated areas, the crime rates in Yorktown are relatively low as compared to rates in other cities throughout the United States. Yorktown is safer than 74 percent of all cities in the United States, and this difference could be due in part to local law enforcement and government being dedicated to ensuring that repeat offenses do not occur and to prevent as many crimes as possible. In criminal cases, you need skilled legal assistance on your side, and The Law Offices of Robert Schuster can provide excellent representation for you.

Arrested? Contact The Law Offices of Robert Schuster.

There are many different offenses that you could be charged with, and it is vital to the success of your case that you have skilled Yorktown representation on your side. With 12 years of legal experience, Mr. Schuster understands the difficulties associated with a criminal charge, and this firm has the resources necessary to help you effectively present a strong defense of your case. In addition, you can be sure that this firm will work with you from start to finish of your case to pursue the results that you need for your future.

The firm offers a free telephone consultation so that you may obtain some legal advice and information regarding your situation before making any financial commitment. Contact a Yorktown criminal defense lawyer from The Law Offices of Robert Schuster for the representation that you need on your side.

Resources for Yorktown Town Court

Criminal Defense
About Yorktown
Yorktown, New York

About Yorktown Justice Court

Address: 2295 Crompond Rd

The Yorktown Court office can be reached at: 914-962-6216

Judge Lagonia and Judge Raniolo are the two Town Justices at the Yorktown Justice Court:

  • Traffic Cases: Both Judges
  • Small Claims: Judge Lagonia
  • Criminal Cases: Both Judges
  • Civil Cases: Judge Lagonia
  • Summary Proceedings: Judge Raniolo

Court Clerk
Isabel Klein

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