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Sleepy Hollow Justice Court

Sleepy Hollow Criminal Defense Attorney

Are you facing charges of domestic violence, assault, a sex crime, a DUI, possession of marijuana or any other criminal charge in Sleepy Hollow, you are likely wondering what the future will hold for you. What kind of repercussions will you be facing? Will you have to serve time in jail or prison? Will you have to pay fines? Will you have a permanent black mark on your record? The Law Offices of Robert Schuster understands how you are feeling. As a former prosecutor, Sleepy Hollow defense attorney Robert Schuster knows the severity of a criminal charge. He also understands that if you have the proper representation, you may be able to avoid conviction on the crime that you have been charged with. With a 95 percent success rate at trial, you can be confident that Sleepy Hollow criminal defense attorney Robert Schuster will be able to create a defense that will aim to have your charges reduced or dismissed, or that will achieve an acquittal at trial.

Fighting in Sleepy Hollow to Clear Your Name

If you have been charged of a crime in the Sleepy Hollow area, you are probably very concerned; and you have good reason to be very worried. You could be facing serious consequences, including fines, community service and even incarceration. However, just because you have been charged with a crime doesn't mean that you should assume that you will be convicted. When you have a Sleepy Hollow criminal defense lawyer on your side, you are on the path to seeking to have your name cleared. The Sleepy Hollow criminal attorney at the firm will completely assess your case and determine the most effective strategy for defending you. When you have the experience and the knowledge of Sleepy Hollow defense attorney Robert Schuster behind you, your chances of avoiding conviction are significantly increased. He understands the course of action that needs to be taken in criminal charges. Contact his office today for your free phone consultation.

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Sleepy Hollow Justice Court:

  • Andres Valdespino, Esq. Judge / Village Justice
  • Larry Cassidy, Court Clerk
  • Michelle McLean, Assistant Court Clerk
  • Alfred Farella, Acting Justice

Sleepy Hollow Village Court

The village court in Sleepy Hollow is located at: 28 Beekman Ave, Sleepy Hollow, NY 10591

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