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Mt. Vernon City Court

Facing criminal charges in Mt. Vernon?

Mt. Vernon attorney Robert Schuster has been successfully defending his clients for 12 years. He has helped people facing every type of criminal charge, from juvenile crimes to theft offenses. He also deals with traffic offenses like DWI and traffic tickets. Mr. Schuster is a distinguished attorney; he is a lifetime member of the Phi Beta Kappa Honor Society (the highest academic honor) and received the Seal of Outstanding Leadership from Johns Hopkins University, where he completed his undergraduate work.

Why Hire a Mt. Vernon Criminal Defense Attorney?

After graduating from Johns Hopkins, he went on to get his Juris Doctor at the highly esteemed Georgetown University Law Center. He has an incredible 95% success rate with his cases, so you would be hard-pressed to find a more qualified, reputable lawyer in Mt. Vernon.

Rely on a Mt. Vernon DWI Lawyer with 12 Years of Experience

Dealing with criminal charges is tough, and being convicted of criminal charges is often life changing. Being convicted will involve jail or prison, fines, and a permanently compromised criminal record, and for some crimes, even worse. You could be limited in future career options as employers ask if you have been convicted of a crime on job applications. If you are convicted of a sex crime, you will deal with long-term consequences of the crime years after prison time is served. In New York, sex offenders must be registered on the Sex Offender Registry for 20 years to life. This Registry is publically available, which means that your friends, family, neighbors, co-workers, and employers can easily look up the details of your conviction. The ramifications for this type of conviction could seriously harm your personal and professional reputation. Get help from a proven Mt. Vernon attorney if you are facing any type of criminal charges. If you want the best chance of acquittal, you should seek help from an accomplished criminal defense lawyer in Mt. Vernon. If you were arrested, you need the best DWI attorney in Mt. Vernon to fight for you..

Resources for Mt. Vernon City Court

Mt. Vernon Map
Information Directory for Criminal Defense

Ronald A. Blackwood Building
2 Roosevelt Square North, 2nd Floor
Mount Vernon, New York 10550

Phone Numbers
Criminal - (914) 831-6420
Civil - (914) 831-6410
Traffic - (914) 831-6430
Chambers - (914) 831-6463

The Mt. Vernon court can be contacted 9:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday through Friday. City Court Judges are Hon. Adrian N. Armstrong, Hon. William Edwards, Hon. Nichelle A. Johnson, Hon. Adam Seiden. The Chief Clerk is Lawrence Darden and the Deputy Chief Clerk is Belle Bowen.

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