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Cortland City Court

Need a criminal defense lawyer in Cortland?

If you were recently arrested and charged with a DWI, sex crime or other criminal charges in Cortland, you are probably feeling confused and frightened. You have real reasons to be worried about your future and the possible consequences of a criminal conviction. The best thing you can do for yourself and your family during this time is to turn to a knowledgeable Cortland criminal defense attorney. At The Law Offices of Robert Schuster, lead attorney Robert Schuster and his team work relentlessly to protect the rights of the criminally accused. With nearly two decades of experience, he has represented countless defendants in a wide range of criminal charges. Schuster also holds a proven track record, with a 95 percent success rate at trial. Attorney Schuster personally handles each case, giving clients the attention they deserve as he works toward the best possible outcome, either in court or behind the scenes in negotiating a reduced charge or alternative sentencing, or in filing a motion to suppress critical evidence. Whether you have been arrested or are facing charges a drug offense, a white collar crime, have a child that has been accused of juvenile crimes, any theft crime or violent crime, the firm will protect your rights and help you to seek a positive outcome.

Experienced Representation for Cortland Defendants

Attorney Robert Schuster brings a unique blend of knowledge and experience to each of his Cortland cases. As a former Assistant District Attorney, Schuster is well acquainted with how prosecutors approach seeking a conviction. This insight offers he and his clients a competitive edge, as Schuster can ready a multi-pronged defense that allows for a number of possibilities as the situation unfolds. Schuster has also received training in negotiations from Harvard experts, and uses these skills to navigate sensitive negotiations for reduced sentences and other compromises. Past clients agree that Robert Schuster is the advocate you want on your side as you face a criminal conviction in Cortland. Get the help you need- contact the office today and take advantage of a free initial telephone consultation.

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Cortland City Court

Cortland Town Court

The Town Court of Cortland, New York is the local Justice Court of Cortland, New York which is within Westchester County. The court handles various types of court cases includeing penal law, town ordinances, civil law, traffic cases, and small claims cases.

Office hours are 8:30am to 3:45pm Monday to Friday. You can reach the office at (607) 756-2352.

The court is located at:

3577 Terrace Road
Cortland, New York 13045


  • Hon. Judge Francis Casullo
  • Hon. Judge Lenore LeFevre


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