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Westchester DMV Hearings

The Difference Between a DMV Hearing and a Criminal Case

If you are arrested for DWI in New York, then you will not simply be cited for a traffic offense; you will face criminal charges for driving under the influence. Soon after the arrest, you will be ordered to appear in criminal court for an arraignment, at which you will be named the defendant in the case. At this time, you will be read your rights and the charges against you.

If at the time of your arrest you refused to submit to a chemical test of your blood alcohol concentration (BAC), you will be subject to an automatic suspension of your driver's license under New York's implied consent law. It is possible, however, to contest the suspension at a DMV refusal hearing, which is separate from the criminal process.

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Hardship Hearings for Restricted Licenses

Under normal circumstances, a refused chemical test will result in an automatic confiscation of the defendant's driver's license at the initial arraignment, and the defendant will be suspended from driving until the successful completion of the refusal hearing. At a hardship hearing, you may be able to obtain a restricted license that would allow you to legally drive on restricted terms, such as going to and from work or school.

Hire a Westchester DWI Lawyer for My DMV Hearing

The DMV hearings present an invaluable opportunity to gather information about the case in order to prepare for the criminal trial. The police officer who comes to your hearing to testify concerning the nature of the arrest can be subject to aggressive examination by your attorney. With skillful examination, your legal representative may be able to defeat the case and help ensure that your driving privileges are protected.

A Westchester criminal defense attorney from The Law Offices of Robert Schuster can represent you at your arraignment, your hardship hearing, your refusal hearing and throughout the entire DWI process. Attorney Schuster has never lost a DWI trial and is recognized not only as one of the top 100 DWI attorneys in New York by the National Advocacy for DUI Defense, LLC (NAFDD), but also as Top 10 DWI Lawyer in New York by the American Institute of DWI Attorneys

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