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Westchester White Collar Crime Attorney

What is a white collar crime?

A "white collar" crime is typically a criminal offense that is committed in a business or financial environment, often involving politicians, business executives, or others in positions of trust or responsibility within a company. Many white collar crimes are non-violent larceny crimes, such as fraud, theft of services, embezzlement or identity theft. White collar crimes may be charged in state or federal court, depending on the particular offense. White collar criminal cases are often highly complex. Many of these cases involve the internet and computers, complicated paper trails and numerous financial transactions. Successfully defending against the charges requires extensive preparation and investigation of the evidence, and you cannot afford any delay in retaining legal representation.

If you or a loved one has been arrested or is currently under investigation for a white collar crime in Westchester County, please contact The Law Offices of Robert Schuster as soon as possible. You may be facing imprisonment and heavy fines if you are convicted. Mere allegations of fraud, embezzlement, forgery or larceny may cause serious damage to your reputation and future business ventures. You need - and deserve - an aggressive Westchester criminal defense lawyer who can effectively protect you against a conviction and who is accustomed to protecting his clients from the media and alleged victims.

Need a lawyer in Westchester for a white collar crime case?

As a former prosecutor and highly experienced defense lawyer, Robert Schuster is committed to providing his clients with the level of legal counsel they need in the face of their white collar crime charges. He personally handles every case the firm takes on and always takes care to offer personal attention and superior client service. He also has the knowledge and resources to handle even the most complex and serious white collar cases. Contact him today for your free initial consultation.

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