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Violent Crimes in Westchester

Consequences of a Violent Crime Conviction

Violent crimes charges are a serious matter. They often result in extensive terms of imprisonment and a lifetime criminal record. If you are being prosecuted for any type of violent criminal offense, you need a proven Westchester criminal defense lawyer on your side. A tenacious and aggressive lawyer can work to build a compelling case that challenges the prosecution's evidence and which may result in a "not guilty" verdict. Lawyer Robert Schuster is uniquely qualified to represent defendants in the face of violent crime charges. With experience as a former assistant district attorney, he understands both the defense's side and prosecution's side of the legal process. He can use this multifaceted experience to anticipate the prosecutor's next move and to provide more effective legal counsel.

About Violent Crimes in Westchester County

Violent crimes are those offenses which are committed against another person, causing injury or involving threats of harm. Some criminal offenses classified as violent crime are assault, menacing, robbery, rape, and certain internet sex crimes such as underage prostitution. The penalties for violent crimes in New York vary depending on the specific offense as well as the defendant's past criminal history. Since sentencing guidelines for repeat felony offenders and persistent felons (which change annually) are particularly stringent in this state, it is vital to have a highly experienced ally such as Westchester County Criminal Lawyer Robert Schuster on your side. Mr. Schuster handles all types of violent crime cases throughout Westchester County, including such offenses as carjacking, assault, domestic violence, murder / manslaughter, robbery, armed robbery, rape, weapons charges, sexual abuse, menacing and more.

Westchester Criminal Attorney Fights for You

There are many ways to approach the defense of a violent crime charge. One of the first questions to ask is whether it can be demonstrated that you were acting in self-defense and were actually the victim of a violent crime. Similarly, it may be possible to avoid a conviction by raising questions about whether you may have been falsely accused or even mistakenly identified as the perpetrator. You cannot legally be convicted until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, so your defense lawyer can assist you by placing the burden of proof squarely on the prosecutor and working to raise questions about the evidence. Contact the firm now for an initial telephone consultation so that you can tell your side of the story in confidence and learn about strategies which may be used in your defense.

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