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Theft Crimes in Westchester

Representation by a Westchester Theft Crime Attorney

If you are charged and convicted of any type of theft crime, you can be fined, sent to jail or prison and placed on probation. Even after your release from imprisonment and the completion of your sentence, however, you would most likely continue to experience the negative consequences of your conviction. Due to the fact that theft is considered to be a crime of dishonesty, the presence of such a conviction on your criminal record may pose a serious obstacle for you when you apply for employment or even housing. Prospective landlords and employers may view you as being untrustworthy and as a potential security risk. Don't let an arrest for a theft crime ruin your future - contact The Law Offices of Robert Schuster for help from a Westchester theft crime lawyer with experience as a former prosecutor.

About Westchester Theft Crimes

State law in New York includes a number of different theft crimes, and the penalties for each depend on factors including:

  • The value of stolen goods
  • Whether the perpetrator is accused of using a weapon, physical force or threats of violence in the commission of the act
  • The specific type of property which was stolen
  • The location where the crime occurred

For example, a burglary charge can be increased from the third degree to the second degree in cases where the perpetrator was carrying a deadly weapon. Similarly, a larceny offense such as shoplifting will normally be charged as petit larceny (petty larceny), but may be increased to grand larceny in the fourth degree if the stolen goods are valued at more than $1,000.

Let a Westchester Criminal Defense Lawyer Fight for You

There are many defenses which can be used to fight against theft crime charges. One of the most common is to argue that the defendant had reason to believe that he or she had a right to take the property, or had the permission of the rightful owner. Similarly, it may be possible to demonstrate that the defendant did not have any intention to deprive the owner of the use or possession of the item. Some cases are resolved by arguing that the defendant has been wrongfully accused, whether through false accusations or a case of mistaken identity. Take your first step now by speaking with a Westchester criminal defense lawyer at the firm who can advise you of your legal options and begin working on a strategy for you.

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