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Westchester Sex Crime Lawyer

Consequences of a Sex Crime Conviction

Sex crime allegations in White Plains have the potential to change a person's life forever. There is a major social stigma attached to a "sex offender" which may extend far beyond any term of imprisonment or any other penalties a person convicted of a sex crime will have to endure. That is why sex crimes are often considered the most taboo of all criminal offenses. If you have been accused of any type of sex offense in Westchester County, you will need immediate legal counsel to advise you of strategies for avoiding a conviction. By involving a White Plains lawyer early enough, you may even be able to avoid formal charges altogether and keep this sensitive matter as quiet as possible.

High profile matters that Mr. Schuster has defended have received coverage by NBC News, ABC News, New York Newsday, The Herald Tribune, People, The Daily Mail, Entertainment Tonight, The New York Post, The Wall Street Journal, Fox News, CBS News, The Journal News, The San Francisco Chronicle, AM970, AM510, and WHLT.

As a highly experienced criminal trial lawyer and a former prosecutor, Westchester sex crime attorney Robert Schuster is dedicated to providing only the highest quality legal representation to clients throughout the county. He offers a confidential complimentary telephone consultation to discuss your particular case, and with his extensive experience and background as a prosecutor, Mr. Schuster can provide a unique and invaluable perspective on how to defend you.

Types of Sexual Offenses

If you are facing a sex crime charge in Westchester County, Robert Schuster has experience handling a wide range of charges, including:

  • Aggravated sexual abuse: Any form of sexual assault that also includes the harm or disfigurement of the victim, or otherwise endangers their life. Courts are pressured to convict people of this crime as it is viewed as particularly heinous by the public. Retaining a sex crime attorney will be necessary.
  • Criminal sexual act: New York State considers it a criminal sexual act for someone to engage in a sexual activity with someone who cannot provide consent for reasons separate than being less than 17 years of age. Date rape involving sleeping pill use or drugging is an example of a sexual criminal act.
  • Forcible touching: Intentionally touching another’s private body parts without their consent and to either cause them humiliation or to fulfill your own sexual gratification is considered forcible touching in New York. This is a common violation filed against alleged gropers in subway transit systems.
  • Persistent sexual abuse: If you are convicted of a forcible touching or sexual abuse and already have a similar or identical conviction within the last 10 years of your criminal record, it constitutes persistent sexual abuse. An act that was once a misdemeanor charge can be escalated to a felony in such cases.
  • Rape: Often considered the most serious of sex crimes in New York State legislation, rape occurs when sexual intercourse or penetration occurs forcefully or through coercion. It is always considered a felony, regardless of degree, and may put someone behind bars for 25 years upon conviction.
  • Sexual abuse: A forced sexual act upon someone that does not constitute rape but is more severe than forcible touching, sexual abuse can be called molestation. Sexual abuse also occurs in more than one incident, or for an extended duration, and is therefore slightly different than sexual assault.
  • Sexual conduct against a child: Any sexual act or behavior with or around a child with the intent to expose them to it is a criminal act in New York. Sexual conduct against a child includes physical actions, such as child sexual abuse, and mentally damaging events, such as encouraging their sexual promiscuity.
  • Sexual misconduct: You may be charged with sexual misconduct if your alleged sexual behavior is not clearly defined by another statute but has involved some sort of force, intimidation, or lack of consent. As a “blanket” violation that covers many actions, sexual misconduct charges can be thin and rendered unusable when challenged by an experienced defense attorney.

Westchester Sex Crimes Attorney Fights False Allegations

It is an unfortunate truth that some accusations of the most heinous sex crimes are entirely false. An alleged victim may invent a story of abuse or rape for reasons of jealousy, anger or revenge. A parent may make accusations of child molestation because of a simple misunderstanding, out of a deep mistrust of others or in order to obtain child custody in a divorce. It is your lawyer's job to ensure you are not convicted on false allegations. By challenging the prosecution's case, scrutinizing alleged evidence and subjecting any witness to fierce cross examination, a talented White Plains lawyer can work to secure the best possible outcome for your case. Call the firm as soon as possible so that Westchester sex crime lawyer, Robert Schuster, can begin working on your case.

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