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Westchester Murder and Manslaughter Charges

Facing Homicide Charges in New York?

Criminal charges of murder or manslaughter are potentially the most serious that a defendant may face. In the face of criminal homicide allegations, it is crucial that you exercise your right to legal counsel as soon as possible. Only with proper legal representation by a highly experienced and dedicated violent crime lawyer do you have the opportunity of avoiding maximum penalties or perhaps even preventing a conviction altogether.

Murder and manslaughter are both forms of criminal homicide. Criminal homicide occurs when a person unlawfully takes the life of another person. Criminal homicide may stem from negligence or intentional wrongdoing. For example, a drunk driver who causes an auto accident may be charged with vehicular manslaughter if his or her actions lead to the death of another driver, passenger, or pedestrian. A person who intentionally assaults another with a deadly weapon and / or with the intention takeoff taking their life will likely face attempted murder charges.

An experienced Westchester criminal defense lawyer can explore different options in regard to your defense in the face of manslaughter or murder charges. For example, an act committed in self-defense would not be murder. The incident may have been entirely accidental, or you may have been framed or wrongfully accused. A thorough investigation may uncover evidence of wrongful charges in this way.

Penalties for Individuals Convicted of Murder

Section 60.06 of the New York Penal Code and Penal Code Section 125.27 discuss penalties for murder. In New York, a second degree murder can land you in prison for 15, 20 or 25 years. Worse, you could even get sentenced to life in prison, or in the case of a first degree murder conviction, life without parole. Depending on your past criminal record and the circumstances surrounding your case, your penalties could be enhanced. Aggravating factors include the following:

  • If the victim was a police officer, peace officer, correctional employee, judge or witness
  • If you were serving a life sentence
  • If you committed the murder during the commission of another felony, such as kidnapping or rape
  • If you committed the murder for hire
  • If torture precluded the murder
  • If the murder was committed in company with an act of terrorism

Murder is universally considered to be among the most severe criminal acts, which is why it is imperative that you secure hard-hitting legal defense immediately. Criminal Lawyer Robert Schuster has the experience and knowledge you need on your side to help you combat your charges. He will examine all the details surrounding your case and determine if any of the following defenses could be used for you:

  • You acted out of self-defense
  • You were defending another person
  • You are a juvenile
  • You are mentally unstable
  • You were under duress

While facing murder charges might seem like one of the most hopeless situations of your life, Mr. Schuster can provide you with the answers, guidance and hope you so desperately need. You are innocent until proven guilty and Mr. Schuster will do everything within his power to uphold your innocence. Even if you are convicted of murder, he can seek to fight this court decision by filing an appeal of the verdict.

Consult a Westchester County Criminal Lawyer

Take the first step in your defense now by contacting The Law Offices of Robert Schuster for a confidential consultation over the phone. It is not safe for you to discuss the case with anyone but your lawyer, since anything you say to investigators can and will be used against you. Instead, let Mr. Schuster review your situation, advise you of your rights and help you take immediate action toward clearing your name and defending your future.

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