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New York Judicial Diversion Program

Westchester Criminal Defense Lawyer Explains Legal Options for Drug Offenders

Have you been arrested and charged with a criminal offense such as drug abuse? There are many different types of drug offenses that could result in criminal charges, and it is important to understand that, without the proper representation, you could face some severe penalties upon conviction. If you are facing charges for a drug crime such as possession for personal use, then it is important to understand that you may be eligible for the New York judicial diversion program. This is a program for felony offenders who face non-violent charges and suffer from drug or alcohol abuse.

The program is designed to help rehabilitate drug and alcohol abusers through a treatment plan as an alternative to jail or prison time. This program will include a treatment program as well as regular court appearances and supervision by a judge to ensure that you are making progress. The sooner you retain representation, the more time you will have to build a strong defense and case for rehabilitation instead of jail time. At The Law Offices of Robert Schuster, the firm works to provide clients with the aggressive and skillful legal assistance that they need in order to effectively secure favorable results.

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When you choose to work with this firm, you can be sure that you will receive representation based on a history of success and you will be provided with the attention that you deserve. With over 12 years of legal experience, Mr. Schuster understands the difficulties associated with your situation, and you can be sure that he will stand by you and work with you to pursue the results that you need. Contact the firm today to discuss your criminal charges.

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