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Somers Justice Court

Criminal Defense Attorney Serving Somers, NY

Have you been arrested and are facing charges for DWI, a probation violation, larceny, a sex offense, assault, or another crime in Somers? If so, it is crucial to turn to an experienced Somers criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. The fact that you have been arrested or charged means it is believed that there is sufficient evidence to achieve a conviction. This is a crucial time for you and it is imperative that you retain a highly qualified Somers criminal lawyer at once. Refuse to answer questions and get a Somers attorney on your side, as your answers will be used against you. Choosing to exercise your right to remain silent is not admitting guilt. Rather, you are letting a seasoned Somers attorney step in and steer your case in the right direction - towards a dismissed or reduced charge, or an acquittal at trial. At The Law Offices of Robert Schuster, lead attorney Robert Schuster and his team are fiercely dedicated to each Somers person they represent. The firm has defended countless individuals in a range of charges, and has the ability to craft a powerful defense case, even when it may appear to be hopeless. Don't take chances - call the firm now. With an outstanding record of proven results, and a 95 percent success rate in cases that have gone to trial, you will be in the hands of a true professional in Somers criminal defense. You can trust that your case is will be given the full focus of the firm. They care and they fight for you and your cause.

A Seasoned Somers Criminal Defense Attorney Will Fight for Your Rights

As a former prosecutor, the Somers criminal lawyer at the firm understands both sides of the legal process. He uses this knowledge as he builds a defense case that could win, with multiple winning strategies in place to employ as the case unfolds. He recognizes the importance of keeping up to date on any changes in criminal law, using the latest developments to secure dismissals and reduced sentences for his clients.

When you choose to be represented by the firm, you select a team that fully understands the legal and human sides of the law. The firm offers clients a personalized approach, giving them the individual attention they deserve and helping them understand all of their options. Don't settle for a less successful Somers criminal attorney. Talk to the firm that is committed to fighting for your rights. Contact the firm today to schedule a free initial telephone consultation and get the best DWI attorney on your side!

Resources for Somers Town Court

Information about Criminal Defense
About the Town of Somers
Map of Somers
Somers Justice Court:
335 Route 202
Somers, New York 10589

The Somers Town Court is held in the Elephant Hotel, located on the second floor of the Town House. The court primarily handles criminal and traffic matters, but it also has jurisdiction over other legal cases.

The Somers Town Court's hours of operation are every Monday at 5:30pm. Office hours are Monday through Friday 9:00am to 4:30pm. The court can be reached at 914-277-8225.

The Somers Town Court judges are:

  • Honorable Dennis Timone
  • Honorable Michael J. McDermott

The judges alternate their days for court appearances.

Prosecutors are Westchester County Assistant District Attorneys.

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