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New Castle Justice Court

Caught in the criminal justice system? Talk to the professionals at the New Castle firm.

The criminal justice system is not easy to navigate, so secure the help of someone who has gotten to know the system by taking part in literally thousands of cases. What's more, New Castle Attorney Robert Schuster has an astounding 95 percent success rate for all the cases he has taken on, and his experience as a former prosecutor informs his defensive strategies, allowing him to effectively preempt many of the prosecution's go-to approaches. He also takes great pride in his commitment to staying consistently up-to-date regarding new developments in the complex, always evolving world of criminal defense. You deserve defense that is founded in the very best and newest innovations of the field, from different scientific methods in evidence analysis to amended laws that now allow for a new approach to the defense of your case.

Skilled and Determined Defense Lawyer Serving New Castle Town Court

Regardless of the nature of the crime of which you have been charged, from theft to DWI to assault, New Castle attorney Mr. Schuster is well aware how important your case is to you, and with good reason - a loss in the courtroom could mean months or even years in jail, brutal fines that will threaten your family's financial stability, and all of the negative impacts on your professional and personal life that come with having a criminal conviction on your record. He has been trained in negotiations by experts at Harvard Law, so if negotiating with prosecution for lesser charges is in your best interest, he is well-prepared to do so. Likewise, if a strong defensive argument before a jury is what you need, then you can count on him to follow through with a well-prepared defense. If you are facing criminal charges in New Castle, then you need skilled legal counsel, and you need it now. Contact The Law Offices of Robert Schuster today for more information.

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Justice Court in New Castle:

Phone Number: (914) 238-4726

The New Castle Town Court judges are Justices Doug Kraus and Noah Sorkin. The Clerks of the Justice Courts are Cathleen Burns, and Dianne CiCerbo.The Town Prosecutors are Jill Shapiro and David Zuckerman who prosecute offenses that pertain to town law. The New Castle Town Court is in session on Thursdays starting at 7:30pm. Civil trials and small claims matters are handled on the first and third Wednesday of every month beginning at 7:30pm. The office is open Monday to Friday 8:45am to 4:30pm.

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