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Hastings-on-Hudson Village Justice Court

Skilled Legal Representation for Hastings-on-Hudson Town Court Defendants

If you have been arrested or charged with a DWI, sex crime or other criminal charges in Hastings-on-Hudson, many things hang in the balance. If convicted, you could be forced to pay large fines, serve time in jail or prison, and you may lose your job as a result. A criminal record also carries with it lasting repercussions, including greatly decreasing your job options, tarring your reputation, and burdening your daily life. With so much at stake, it is crucial to turn to an experienced Hastings-on-Hudson criminal defense attorney right away. At The Law Offices of Robert Schuster, the firm's lead attorney is fiercely dedicated to protecting the rights of the criminally accused. His track record, with a 95 percent success rate at trial, demonstrates his legal skills and dedication. He and his Hastings-on-Hudson team are ready to pursue the best outcome possible for your case.

Let an Experienced Hastings-on-Hudson Criminal Defense Attorney Protect Your Rights

Perhaps your situation involves driving while intoxicated (DWI), theft, white collar crimes, or traffic tickets. Or, perhaps your child has been arrested for a juvenile crime. Regardless of the circumstances, Hastings-on-Hudson Attorney Robert Schuster can help. As a former assistant district attorney, he has valuable insight into both sides of the criminal process, and uses that knowledge to create compelling defenses on his clients' behalf. He has also received training in negotiation from experts at Harvard University. He draws on these skills when negotiating reduced sentences or the dismissal of his client's charges. A member of the firm is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can also take advantage of a free telephone consultation, in which you will hear more about your options and can ask questions or share concerns. Choose the Hastings-on-Hudson criminal defense attorney who will fight to protect your rights. Contact the firm today if charged with a criminal offense that is prosecuted in the Hastings-On-Hudson town court.

Village Justices:

  • Hon. Joseph A. DiSalvo
  • Hon. James R. DeVita

Village Justice Court Clerk:

  • Christopher Janniello

Assistant Court Clerk:

  • Chantay Harrison

Hastings-on-Hudson Village Justice Court:
7 Maple Avenue
Hastings-on-Hudson, New York 10706
(914) 478-3400

The Honorable Joseph A. DiSalvo presides as the Village Justicee and the Honorable James DeVita presides as the Acting VIllage Justice for the bench. The Westchester District Attorney's office handles prosecution for the cases that appear at this court. The Village Court of Hastings-On-Hudson handles a wide range of cases, including traffic violations that occur on Route 9 and other local streets, criminal matters, trials, and hearings.

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