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Ardsley Justice Court

Are you facing charges in Ardsley Town Court?

If you have been arrested or are facing charges in Ardsley, it is crucial to reach out to a seasoned criminal defense attorney right away. Too much hangs in the balance, including your freedom, finances, reputation, and other consequences to let an inexperienced attorney handle your case. At The Law Offices of Robert Schuster, the firm's lead attorney is fiercely dedicated to protecting the rights of the criminally accused in Ardsley. As a former prosecutor, he has handled thousands of cases and understands both sides of the criminal process-knowledge he uses to create the strongest defense possible for his clients. His record of results is a testament to his passion and legal skills. In cases that have gone to trial, he has a 95 percent success rate. Turn to the Ardsley attorney who can fight for your future.

Let a Seasoned Ardsley Criminal Defense Attorney Fight for Your Rights

When a police officer arrests you, you may feel compelled to explain your situation and defend yourself. Don't fall into this trap. While you may be simply attempting to dispel a misconception or correct information, offering statements of any kind to police or investigators can actually harm your case. The prosecution can use this information against you as they seek a criminal conviction. Instead, exercise your right to remain silent and contact an experienced Ardsley criminal defense attorney to defend your rights and represent you with the authorities. Attorney Robert Schuster has helped individuals through every stage of the criminal process. The sooner you reach out to him, the sooner he can begin to steer your case in a positive direction.

Whether you have been arrested for or are facing charges related to driving while intoxicated (DWI), drug offenses, theft crimes, probation violations, DMV hearings, or any other offense, Schuster and his team are ready to handle your Ardsley case. You can receive a free telephone consultation, allowing you to share any concerns or questions you have. A member of the firm is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so contact the office today.

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Ardsley Village Court:
507 Ashford Avenue
Ardsley, New York 10502
(914) 693-1703

Hon. David Rifas, Village Justice
Hon. E. John Morehouse, Associate Judge

Court Clerk:
Anissa Slade

Hours of Operation:
Criminal Court - Mondays 2:00pm
Traffic Court - Mondays 5:00pm
Civil / Small Claims - Thursdays 7:00pm

The Ardsley Village Court possesses jurisdiction over all of the traffic infractions that occur within Ardsley, including:

  • Speeding
  • Not stopping at a red light
  • Not stopping for a school bus

It has complete jurisdiction over all misdemeanors and offenses against the Village Code. The court also has preliminary jurisdiction over felony crimes committed within Ardsley Village.

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