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Drug Offenses in New York

Legal Representation from a Westchester Drug Crime Lawyer

Drug offenses are those crimes which involve controlled substances. Criminal possession of a controlled substance and criminal possession of marijuana are among the most common drug crimes in New York. State and federal law prohibit the possession, manufacturing, cultivation, distribution, sale, and trafficking of street drugs and prescription drugs. If you have been arrested for a drug crime, it is crucial that you consult with a lawyer as soon as possible. You may be at risk of facing a misdemeanor or felony conviction, and it is likely that your penalties will be enhanced and the outcome of your case negatively affected if you wait too long to hire a highly experienced drug crime attorney who will aggressively protect your rights.

Defending Westchester County Drug Charges

Your case may seem rather hopeless. Law enforcement may have discovered drugs on your person, in your car or on your property. You may feel that you were "caught in the act." Although the odds may seem against you, a highly experienced Westchester County drug crime lawyer can still work to seek a positive case outcome on your behalf. As an example, law enforcement may have conducted a search and discovered illegal narcotics. What if they did not have a valid search warrant for this or did not have probable cause? A lawyer may be able to have your case dismissed after a suppression hearing designed to protect your constitutional rights against warrantless search and seizure.

New York State drug laws are constantly evolving. The best Westchester criminal defense lawyers not only keep themselves fully informed of these changes, but they utilize them to the full advantage of their clients. In Westchester County, Robert Schuster is one of the leading lawyers in the field of criminal defense, and many of his clients come to the firm for help with drug-related charges.

Do you need a Westchester criminal attorney on your side?

Drug crimes are extremely serious. Contact Westchester Criminal Defense Attprney Robert Schuster immediately if you have been arrested for a drug crime. When you need an experienced, highly knowledgeable lawyer with the talent and determination to make certain your rights are protected to the maximum extent allowed by the new drug laws in New York, he is the lawyer you need.